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Indonesia Herbal Agent for Australiaby Budi Ranto MSSon.Indonesia Herbal Agent for AustraliaWe of PT.Melia Sehat Sejahtera in Indonesia present two high quality herbal products, that’s : Melia Propolis dan Melia Biyang , We are ready to send orders to the whole world , including to Australia MELIA PROPOLIS Melia propolis a natural herb is made from the saliva of bees is very rewarding to help cure various […]
We of PT.Melia Sehat Sejahtera in Indonesia present two high quality herbal products, that’s : Melia Propolis dan Melia Biyang We are ready to send orders to the whole world , including to Australia


Melia propolis a natural herb is made from the saliva of bees is very rewarding to help cure various kinds of diseases are mainly caused by viruses, bacteria, and fungi. Propolis has been used as a cure a variety of ailments since ancient times and there have been many studies that have proven that propolis is able to cure various diseases outside and inside the human body.


The origins of propolis from Greece, meaning the city’s defence system. Propolis is derived from the tops of the tops of young plants (poplar tree) collected by bees and used to patch all the holes in the honeycomb and bee hive mensterilisasi attack a wide range of viruses, bacteria, or fungi.
Melia propolis not only can be used as a herbal remedy various diseases, but can be used for propolis melia healthy people to maintain health. Melia propolis can be dikomsumsi for healthy people to boost the immune system and metabolic system better human beings.
The Content Of The Melia Propolis
The main content of the melia propolis is Bioflavonoids. Bioflavonoids are substances that color comes from the leaves, fruit, and flowers are very useful as most good anti oxidant. According to the research of medical experts all over the world, Anti oxidant resulting from bioflavonoids very better than vitamin C and vitamin e. function of bioflavonoids is to menetralisisasi the existing free radicals in the body with the system working through the whole human blood vessels including the smallest blood vessels (capillaries are).
Medical experts found that bioflavonoids contain substances that can prevent the growth of tumors, memberbaiki sexual hormone, blood clotting and as a medicine containing anti inflammation much needed human body. Results of research experts also found that bioflavonoids serves to lower the risk of emergence of various kinds of cancer and heart disease. Propolis drops equals one equivalent to 500 citrus fruits.
Melia propolis contain 16 different amino acids that are desperately needed by the human body. This proves that melia propolis good dikomsumsi healthy people. In addition it also contains a wide variety of propolis melia vitamins and nutrients that are good for the human body to enhance the immune system.
Melia propolis contains natural anti biotic menimbilkan no side effects. So could dikomsumsi propolis melia to all contracted various diseases or healthy people. Propolis can be dikomsumsi for the long term and does not cause the effects of addiction
The Function Of The Melia Propolis
  • As for the main functions of propolis melia is as follows:
  • Natural antibiotic
  • Anti Inflammatory
  • Anti oxidant (anti-cancer)
  • Detoxification (disposal of toxins in the body)
  • Boost Immunity
  • Very high nutrition
  • Increase fertility of agricultural crops
Usability Of Melia Propolis
The benefits of a proven healing propolis Melia various diseases and already dikomsumsi by millions of people in indonesia. Therefore, it is already a lot of testimony about melia propolis which is able to cure a variety of ailments including:
  • Cough/Ashma/Bronchitis/TBC/lung
  • Sinusitis/Flu/Fever/headaches/Vertigo
  • Inveksi womanhood/Herves/premenstrual syndrome/Syphilis
  • Fungal Skin Diseases/allergies/cataracts/dandruff
  • Cancer/Tumors/Cysts/Leukemia Liver
  • Diabetes/Hepatitis
  • High Cholesterol/blood/low blood/Anemia
  • Gout/rheumatic/varicose veins
  • HIV/AIDS/Malaria/Dengue Fever
  • Indigestion/Ulcers/Appendix
  • And others
Instructions consume Melia Propolis
  • How to use Melia Propolis for healthy people is melted into a quarter glass of water 5-10 drops and stir with a plastic spoon to spread evenly, drink 2-3 x per day. Melia Propolis can be taken directly to the mouth, or mixed with milk, food and drink, except with coffee. Drink before breakfast, before lunch and
  • How to use Melia propolis for the sick was taken 10-30 drops of warm water with a quarter glas, made 3-6 x a day. Melia Propolis can be dikomsumsi along with other drugs, if the same medicines given pause 30 minutes before or after. Healing diseases with propolis is recommended for at least 6 months of consumption regularly.
  • How to use Melia Propolis for diseases beyond is evenly smeared on parts of the body that is sick or injured. Leave it to dry out and do 3 x a day.
  • How to use Melia Propolis for eyes diseases  be mixed water in advance of the new melted to eyes. The healing of eye diseases can be done 1-3 times a day. The use is recommended for at least 6 months regularly to cure eye diseases.
  • For more details can be read in the brochure, which is present on the package ofMelia propolis that you will receive

Price Melia Propolis

The retail price of  IDR 110.000 /bottle or IDR 650.000/package (7 bottles)
Plus Shipping costs to your Address


Melia Biyang is a natural supplement made from milk (colostrum) to stimulate the pituitary gland so that it is capable of producing hormones optimally. Melia Biyang believed to be ageless, natural drug able to meregerasi all the cells of the human vital organs so that the maximum for the entire functioning of the human body. The original product was only in production by Herbal Plant Science (Malaysia) and should only be distributed or sold by the ONLY active member and leader of PT. Melia Sehat Sejahtera.


The Content Of The Melia Biyang Spray
The main content of the melia biyang spray is cow colostrum . If colostrum is sprayed under the tongue, then it will be absorbed by the capillaries to carry to the brain so that it is able to stimulate the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus gland to produce hormones that stimulate all glands other organs in the body such as the thyroid gland, parathyroid gland, the pancreas gland, Glans andrenal glands to produce hormones testisovarium optimally sperti homon thyroid, hormones, insulin, hormones parathormon hormones mineralokortikoid glucocorticoids, hormones, sex hormones and homon growth.
Pituitary gland is the center of the gland that regulates hormone production (master of the glands) to the human body. Set the respiratory system, digestive system, reproductive system, exhaust system, blood circulation, urinary system and joints system senses.
Other content from melia biyang is vitamin B complex and calcium. Where the product is capable of fixing systems joints and liming on the bone so that it is not porous and easily able to fix the human immune system. Melia Biyang Spray also contains amino acids that is great for stimulating the muscle cells to grow optimally and improve skin elasticity.

The Primary Uses Of Melia Biyang
The primary use of Melia Biyang is as follows:

  • Ageless remedies
  • Improve the physical and mental stamina
  • Improve memory
  • Increase your metabolic system
  • Increase the strength of the bone
  • Enhance sex kempuan
  • Returns the color of the hair and growth
  • Cure high blood and stroke
  • Cure heart disease
  • Stimulates the functions of the vital organs of the body such as the brain, heart, liver, pancreas, spleen and kidney.

Usebility Of Melia Biyang For Face
Usebility of Melia Biyang to face are as follows:

  • Treating acne and blackheads
  • Eliminate facial wrinkles and Fleks
  • Tighten facial skin
  • Mebersihkan and whiten face skin
  • To whiten teeth
  • Cope with hair loss

Usebility Of Melia Biyang For Body
Usebility of Melia Biyang for the body is as follows:

  • Lose weight
  • Tighten breast
  • Shrink belly
  • Compacting butt
  • Mengidealkan body shape

Usebility of Melia Biyang For Men
Usebility of Melia Biyang for men is as follows:

  • Increase the size of the vital tools of men
  • Treating impotence
  • Treat premature ejaculation
  • Nourish sperm cells
  • Improve the quality of sex (durable)

Usebility of melia Biyang for women
Usebility of Melia Biyang for women is as follows:

  • Vaginal tightening and Moor
  • Reduce the pain during menstruation
  • Leucorrhea
  • Increase fertility cells
  • Treating infertility

The Research Of Melia Biyang
Research results Melia Biyang (HGH) Dr. Daniel Rudman from Florida, United States is:
“The use of Melia Biyang (HGH) for 6 months on a regular basis will be able to slow the aging process of human beings for 20 years”

Reaction to the use of the Melia Biyang for 6 months
The process of use of melia biyang very nice consumed for 6 months with the following reaction:
Month 1 – Sleep will be more soundly and wake up so that maximum power will be cepet recover and more fresh.
Month 2 – the system will better metabolism, reduced body fat and increased sexual activity.
Month 3 – memory increases, muscle growth, regular menstruation circulation and reduce pain.
Month 4 – decreased Cholesterol and normal blood pressure, all the cells organs repaired.
Month 5 – facial skin brighter and cleaner, more dense muscle danberisi, and the skin more toned and elastic body
Month 6 – reducing the gray hair and promote hair growth, energy activity increased, and more sex more passionate.

The Testimony from Users Of Melia Biyang
There are millions of people who are already proven benefits of Melia Biyang for various purposes. We give you some photos of the testimony only as evidence of the benefits of melia biyang spray created male and female.
Biyang usage is highly recommended with the consumption of melia propolis simultaneously to maximize improved for some uses such as create acne therapy, pregnancy, breast enlargement, and other skin beauty

The Price Of Melia Biyang

A native of biyang melia price PT. Melia Sehat Sejahtera is as follows:
The retail price of IDR 210.000/bottle or IDR 650.000/packages (4 bottles)
Plus Shipping costs to your Address

How Booking Melia Propolis and Melia Biyang

If you want to do order booking Melia Propolis and Melia Biyang please contact contact us below

Type SMS:

The full name, Address,Country, Mobile Number, Unit of Bottle/Package Propolis or Biyang

Send to:

Budi Ranto MSS

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